SilentCam Switch

SilentCam Switch will disable the shutter sound of your camera when taking pictures so you dont disturb other people. Switch it silent!Get the perfect picture of your pets or animals without scaring them with loud shutter sounds!Notification sounds are disabled when camera is active, so they wont get recorded when shooting a video!FEATURES:• Disable shutter sound in camera• Silent / mute camera• Disable notification soundsSUPPORTED DEVICES:• Galaxy S6• Galaxy S4 • Galaxy Alpha• Galaxy TabS• Galaxy Note 10• Galaxy Note 4• Xperia Z3• and more… LANGUAGES:• English• GermanINFO & SUPPORT:• If you experience any problems tell us, we will fix it!• Any suggestions how to improve the app? • Please note that not all e-mails can be replied instantly. But I will try to fix every bug asap.