How to be confident while talking to people?

How do I become more confident while talking to people?
  1. Picture Them Naked – This trick helps people overcome nervousness in public speaking as well. When you picture the other person standing in front of you naked, you feel more at ease because you imagine that person as more ridiculous.
  2. Speak To Everyone – Your skills will improve the more you force yourself to talk to people. Speak to friends and even strangers when you have a chance to. Over time you will feel more comfortable and at ease with yourself.
  3. Expect A Positive Outcome – Don’t go into conversations worrying about what could go wrong. You’re already shooting yourself in the foot by expecting the worse case scenario. Next time, go into conversations expecting a positive experience. This positive vibe you give off to the other person will actually improve your chances of having an awesome conversation.
  4. Eye Contact! – Maintain consistent eye contact. Doing so conveys confidence and a genuine interest in whoever you are speaking to. No one wants to talk to someone who is constantly looking somewhere else.
  5. Exhibit Strong Body Language – Make sure your body language is on point. Stand upright don’t cross your arms. Make sure your body is facing the person you are speaking to.
  6. Find A Common Interest – You will have more confidence talking about subjects that you are familiar with. Try and see if you and the person you are speaking to have something in common. Finding out that you both are passionate about golf makes a conversation exponentially easier.
  7. Tell Jokes – Let your sense of humor shine through. Say what you think is funny and laugh at jokes you find genuinely find funny as well.
  8. Tell Stories – If possible, try and tell stories when in conversations with people. Studies show that people can establish a deeper connection with you from hearing a good story.

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