Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli: Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?

Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah

As her mother explains, noting her daughter’s accent was acquired on “the streets,” “cash me outside” “means she’ll go outside and do what she has to do.” How ’bout that.

Since then, the clip and phrase have taken on a second life as a meme. Which seems perfectly reasonable, since “cash me outside, howbow dah” is the perfect retort for just about any situation. The phrase has been applied to everything from tweets to image macros and even inspired Bitmoji to roll out a pictograph inspired by the meme.


Earlier this week, a story claimed that Peskowitz Bregoli had committed suicide after she was bullied by classmates for her appearance on the show. The story was later debunked by Snopes, which notes it ran on fake news site “NBC-News.net” which, unsurprisingly, isn’t related to the real NBC. Peskowitz Bregoli is alive and well and keeping her fans updated via Facebook, where just yesterday she streamed a live video consisting largely of her counting dollar bills to the camera for nearly an hour. It has since been viewed over 45,000 times. “CASH ME LIVE!” Well … how bow dah.