JUSTIN BIEBER: List of Tattoos names 2017 update

justin bieber tattoos

Justin Bieber has 56 tattoos, sharing countless snaps of those tattoos.

A Diamond Tattoo on Justin’s Right Wrist. An Arm Tattoo of Banksy’s “Balloon Girl” Piece. 30. “ Large Cross on His Chest. Small Treble Clef Tattoo Behind Justin’s Left Ear. 27. “ A Compass Tattoo in Justin’s Left Arm Sleeve. A Jester Inked on Justin Bieber’s Right Arm and more check the list at the bottom

Last month Bieber unveiled a new face tattoo, inspiring a flurry of headlines and mandating (for me, at least) a perusal of the fan boards dedicated to locating and decoding his prolific ink. They’re a mix of sentimental, spiritual, and regrettable incidents: He got his first at 16 (a rite of passage in the Bieber family), has various religious tattoos like his dad’s, and still covers up at least one image of Selena Gomez as a winged angel. Herewith, a taxonomy.

The Tiny Cross

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David Beckham Wings


Treble Clef

Stratford Cullitons

Psalm 119:105

Another (Bigger) Cross

1975 Roman Numerals

The Crown

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Mom’s Eye

Image result for Mom’s Eye justin bieber

Hangry Tiger Head

More Angel Wings, a Rose

The Eagle

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Cursive “LL”

The Castle and the Distraught, Sword-Wielding Knight

The Bleeding, Crucified Globe

Selena Gomez, Literal Angel (As Pictured in Elle Magazine)

The Owl

Another Rose


Koi Fish

The “Banksy”

The Compass

Fish Scales

“BIEBER” in Korean

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The Smiling Korean Mask

The Jester

The Boombox



“MUSIC” in Kanji

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Two Hashtags

The Letter G


The Ghost

Magic 8 Ball

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Mysterious Arm Tats

Valentine’s Day Cherub

Graffiti Star

Prayer Hands

Rose Bouquet

Actual Jesus