O.J. Made in america movie trailer, cast, review, details

O.J. Made in america

O.J.: Made in America is a 2016 American documentary produced and directed by Ezra Edelman for ESPN Films and their 30 for 30 series, which has been released as a five-part miniseries and in theatrical format.

Genres: Documentary, Biography, Crime, History

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 4 August 2016 (Spain)


It is the defining cultural tale of modern America – a saga of race, celebrity, media, violence, and the criminal justice system. And two decades after its unforgettable climax, it continues to fascinate, polarize, and even, yes, develop new chapters. Now, the producers of ESPN’s award-winning “30 for 30” have made it the subject of their first documentary-event and most ambitious project yet. From Peabody and Emmy-award winning director Ezra Edelman, it’s “O.J.: Made in America,” a 10-hour multi-part production coming summer of 2016. To most observers, it’s a story that began the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered outside her Brentwood apartment. But as “O.J.” lays bare, to truly grasp the significance of what happened not just that night, but the epic chronicle to follow, one has to travel back to a much different, much earlier origin point, at not the end, but the beginning of the 20th century, when African-Americans began migrating to California


A very long (7.5 hours, split over 5 episodes) and interesting documentary about the O.J. Simpson trial, his life and all the events that surrounded the murder (Rodney King, the L.A. Riots and the attack on truck driver Reginald Denny). Race played a gigantic part in this trial and accordingly it plays a major role in this documentary.

The makers of this documentary did a very thorough and extensive work, with lots of footage from the time it happened and interviews with many of the major characters involved in the case.

The first episode tells the background story of O.J. Simpson basically from his youth. It’s way too long and it’s the ONLY episode that I found boring. IMHO you can skip it without losing any crucial information.

All the rest of the episodes are very interesting. BTW, it’s the first time that I see photos of the victims and the brutality of the murder is shocking. The murderer cut their throats – especially Nicole’s – almost decapitating her. Disgusting stuff.

It’s amazing that O.J. Simpson came out as a free man from this trial. Even the Jurors interviewed have NO PROBLEM admitting that their vote wasn’t for the case, but for getting revenge for racism. This is unbelievable and proves beyond doubt that the Jury system in America simply doesn’t work.

The last episode tells everything that happened after the trial – and it’s fascinating too.


  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Lew Alcindor
  2. Mike Albanese
  3. Muhammad Ali
  4. Marcus Allen
  5. Bea Arthur
  6. F. Lee Bailey
  7. Danny Bakewell
  8. Paula Barbieri
  9. Rona Barrett
  10. Joe Bell
  11. Carrie Bess
  12. Tom Bradley
  13. Nicole Brown Simpson
  14. Jim Brown
  15. Tanya Brown