BBC: Professor robert kelly interview

BBC: Professor robert kelly interview

The grandma of two children who went viral after interrupting their dad’s live interview on the BBC says she may be to blame.

Professor Robert Kelly, from the Department of Political Science in Pusan, South Korea, was speaking to BBC News about the President’s impeachment this morning via webcam from his home.

In a clip which has since gone viral, BBC presenter James Menendez and Professor Kelly attempted to carry on with the interview as four-year-old Marion entered the room and began grinning and dancing at the camera.

She was soon followed by her nine-month-old brother James in a walker.

The professor of political science managed to keep his composure and get through the interview about South Korea.

We’re guessing he was not so ready to deal with his new fame.

“Is this the kinda thing that goes viral and gets weird?” he tweeted in response to a request to share the video clip online.