Stephen Curry says a heckler had his son ask Riley Curry out on a date to throw him off his game

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry revealed Tuesday that one fan attempted to rattle the Warriors guard by playing toddler matchmaker.

“Probably sending their five-year-old to ask my daughter out on a date,” he said when asked by Sports Illustrated’s Maggie Gray about the weirdest thing a fan has done to distract him. “Talk about throwing me off my game.”

Riley Curry, of course, exploded onto the scene during the Warriors’ run to the title two years ago, stealing the show at her dad’s press conferences.

Later in the interview, Curry did something rare for him: he missed.

When he was asked the last time he threw a punch, Curry air-balled a perfect callback opportunity.

His answer — high school — should’ve been: That guy who sent his kid over to Riley.